Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Improving Knowledge, Improving Lives
Endometrial dysfunction as cause of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Endometrial dysfunction


  • Abnormal uterine bleeding caused by a primary disorder of the endometrium. Can be associated with a disruption of mechanisms regulating local endometrial hemostasis with deficiencies in local production of vasoconstrictors and increased local production of substances that promote vasodilation1



  • Abnormal uterine bleeding in a woman with a structurally normal uterus, regular ovulatory cycles and no evidence of coagulopathy or other systemic disease1,2



  • Taking a detailed medical history and excluding other pathologies1,2



  • There are currently no specific therapies to treat endometrial dysfunction2
  • Treatment options may include non-hormonal medications like non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and tranexamic acid and hormonal medications such as oral contraceptives and the levonorgestrel intrauterine system3

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