The HELP Group have created this website to provide a comprehensive educational resource to identify HMB, diagnose, and counsel on effective therapeutic options. By expanding your knowledge of HMB, you can have better consultations with your patients and help find appropriate treatments to improve their lives.

The Society of Endometriosis and Uterine Disorders (SEUD) is committed to raising awareness and sharing knowledge of benign gynecological diseases and related uterine dysfunctions. In line with these objectives, SEUD has endorsed the HELP HMB website with the goal that this resource can maximize outreach and improve lives.

PALM-COEIN Infographic

A visual guide to the structural and non-structural causes of abnormal uterine bleeding and heavy menstrual bleeding with useful tips on how to diagnose and treat them.

Interview with SEUD President Professor Felice Petraglia

Professor Petraglia talks about the key topics and issues in the diagnosis and management of heavy menstrual bleeding as well as the most exiting recent advances in the field.

Learn about HMB

Learn more about HMB and the issues surrounding the identification and diagnosis

HMB counseling tools

Tools and advice to help you when discussing HMB with your patients

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Find a variety of educational resources for HMB including slide sets, case studies and videos

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Find the latest and most relevant publications, images and guidelines for HMB