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Self-test: how heavy
are my periods?

Track period blood loss with FlowCyclo App

Get to know your period better –

Measure your period blood loss with FlowCycloTM

Sometimes it can be difficult to judge whether a period is normal or heavy as the total blood loss volume is hard to quantify. FlowCycloTM is the first app available to track and automatically calculate how much menstrual blood you are losing every day. Its precise measurement has been confirmed in clinical studies and certifies FlowCycloTM as medical device. The app generates a report of your bleeding pattern and blood loss volume which can be easily shared with your gynecologist and eases the conversation during your appointment.


The method of estimating menstrual blood loss has been developed by the British Keele University and Bayer AG, validated in clinical trials performed by Bayer. FlowCycloTM is distributed by Bayoocare GmbH as legal manufacturer and was developed for and is sponsored by Bayer.