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Let's talk periods

Periods can sometimes impact your everyday life more than you wish. Sounds familiar? Then it is time to have a closer look at your period, as your bleeding shouldn’t control your life.

Find out when your period is considered as heavy and what you can do about it. Good news up front: Heavy periods can be treated!

What is HMB?

One in three women experience heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) at some point in their lives. HMB, also called Menorrhagia, is not just a heavy period, it’s a medical condition defined by prolonged periods that have a negative impact on a woman's physical, social and emotional quality of life. But what makes a period heavy?

How heavy are your periods?

When you have a heavy period, it can ruin your day or wipe it out completely. Is your period heavy?

Identify women with HMB

What can be the reason for HMB? 

Heavy periods can be due to a number of causes. Most of the time HMB is simply due to a hormonal imbalance, but in some cases, there might be a disease of the uterus causing heavy bleeding.

woman researching HMB

Prepare your doctor visit

If you are concerned about your periods or experience a heavy menstrual blood loss you should talk to your doctor about it. Have a look at our guiding information for the appointment with your doctor.

Woman seeking help for HMB


Questions? You’re not the only one! Find the answers to frequently asked questions about heavy menstrual bleeding.

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