Welcome to the HELP HMB website

Welcome to the HELP HMB website

The HELP Group have created this website to be the primary source of credible information on heavy menstrual bleeding. It is filled with tools and resources to help you understand your periods, recognise when heavy menstrual bleeding might be a problem and empower you when seeking advice and treatment from your healthcare provider. Because, your bleeding shouldn’t control your life. Period!

Let’s chat heavy periods

Let’s talk…. periods! … Hear from others about their highs and lows of living with heavy menstrual bleeding.

Not sure about the impact your period has on your life? Nothing like seeing the numbers: let’s do the maths!

Talk about your period

What is a period and what makes it heavy? Learn more about heavy menstrual bleeding.

Improve your Life

You don’t have to put up with heavy periods as just part of ‘being a woman.’ Learn more about your treatment options.

Prepare for your doctor visit

Don’t know where to start when talking to your doctor about your periods? Take a look at our handy guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? You’re not the only one! Find the answers to frequently asked questions about heavy menstrual bleeding.